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Wireless Theft Sensors

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Wireless Indoor Theft Prevention Sensors in NJ

Security systems and home video surveillance is a good way to make sure that your home’s off-limits areas are secure from curious children, babysitters or workers, but TR Alarm is now offering the Honeywell Wireless Window Sensor, wireless door sensor, or wireless security sensor for all of your home security needs. These “movement-based” theft prevention systems can be placed on or near an object and will send a notification to you whenever this object or item is moved or opened, so that you know if a nanny, housekeeper or other worker who has access to the house is overstepping your boundaries and helping themselves to your valuables.

The Honeywell Wireless Door Sensor is useful for keeping tabs on your children as well. If you are going away for the weekend and want to make sure your house will not be the next news story of a party gone wrong, you can leave the Honeywell Wireless Theft Sensor in the liquor cabinet and be instantly warned when someone goes where they should not.

TR Alarm Systems Inc. offers innovative security solutions for any homes and commercial needs with high-quality products and exceptional service. For more information about the Honeywell Wireless Theft Sensor or our other security services, contact TR Alarm Systems Inc.

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Wireless Theft Sensor