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T&R has designed, serviced and installed everything from security and fire systems to access control and electrical systems to facilities Nationwide. Through our connections we have access to all the top integrators as well as priority training on new products from all the top manufacturers in the industry.

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Church Security Systems & Fire Suppression Review

In June of 2016 the a Church in Allendale, NJ called us with a problem. Their fire alarm company had performed an inspection in May but, had not proved a certificate of inspection. The church holds a summer camp for which they are reimbursed by the state. Without the certificate, the state cannot approve payments. Calvary called their fire alarm company numerous times but never received a returned call or the certificate. T&R was able to respond quickly. Bob Callahan performed a thorough system inspection and generated the necessary certificate on the spot. As a result Calvary has asked T&R to provide a plan for an overhaul and upgrade of their fire system.

Apartment Complex Security Systems Review

As part of a HUD upgrade, T&R was awarded a contract to provide an Intercom system for a large 4 building apartment complex. We were awarded the Intercom contract based on our price and the quality of the system we proposed. Because of the quality of our work combined with our knowledge of applicable codes, responsiveness and ability to interface with the PSE&G and AHJ's we were subsequently awarded contracts for Access Control and CCTV systems and electrical work. With systems covering several 3 floor buildings with 21 entrances, residents now enjoy a new sense of security, while increasing the value of the property for the owners.

Convenience Store Fire Alarm Systems Review

One week before their grand opening, a local 7-11 found out the hard way that their town’s fire official would not issue a certificate of occupancy without a monitored fire alarm system. Their general contractor, whom we had done a number of these projects with, recommended they contact us. Before the end of that day, we had submitted the necessary permit. Work began immediately and was completed and inspected within 6 days. Another successful 7-11 was opened on time.

Office Fire Alarm Systems Review

A well-known social media company recently purchased a space within a customer’s multistory NYC property, thus requiring a renovation of the majority of the building. This building contained an obsolete fire alarm system for which replacement parts were no longer available. On Christmas Eve, a critical component of the system was damaged resulting in the evacuation of the entire building. Ordinarily, this would have meant an early vacation for everyone involved, but not during a construction project of this kind. After they called us and explained the gravity of the situation, we immediately got to work. A plan was put forth to upgrade this particular portion of the system without requiring a complete and total upgrade or replacement of the fire alarm. Using old stock retrieved from our warehouse, we were able to dispatch our technicians to the location that night, put a temporary fix in place, restoring the alarm and allowing everyone to resume business as usual.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Review

Major apparel's and accessories MFG had multiple fire Alarm systems located in one building, costing them a lot of money to maintain service, and monitor each system. T&R was able to come in consolidate all there systems into one Fire system for the entire building, saving them time, and money.

Church Security Systems Review

A Church had experienced a break-in and valuable items were stolen. T&R immediately came in and found vulnerabilities in their existing alarm system. We changed their system that day, and also incorporated Motion Flood Lights in areas that were completely dark, so camera surveillance can pick up better video. The customer was thrilled that T&R put in the extra effort not just to fix their current system, but help them in mitigating their security risk better.

Warehouse Security Systems Review

Major Logistics Customer needed a Bosch Certified Security Partner to totally revamp their current warehouse security. T&R went in and redesigned the system to reduce false alarms, better protect Trailer Bay doors, and add a higher level of security in the office areas.

School Security Systems Review

A major professional soccer team opened a school for young soccer players and needed to control access to the school, as different players and coaches came in and out at different times. We incorporated a simple but effective access control solution which allowed the coaches access during the designated hours and provided around the clock security of the building.

Security System Company Reviews NJ