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Parking Lot Security systems in NJ

There was a new law that will be enforced regarding parking lot security cameras in NJ cities. This law will require security cameras installation in all parking lots throughout NJ. The town of Newark, NJ was one the the significant reason for this law to pass. These measures have been taken to increase and maintain safety and security for the residents of the city.

This law follows more than 20 years after the downtown business district of Newark was equipped with six Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. According to a report published by the California Research Bureau in 1997 on Public Video Surveillance, the cameras were installed to discourage crime and promote safety.

The new law set forth by the city has much of the same intentions as did the installation of cameras in 1991. When the law for surveillance cameras in NJ is implemented for parking lots, our experts at T&R Alarm Systems Inc. can provide parking lot owners with available great security technologies.

At T&R Alarm Systems Inc., we have been providing CCTV cameras in NJ for a variety of clients in different environments, including homes, businesses and government buildings. The NJ CCTV cameras we provide can perform many functions, but the ultimate purpose they serve is to keep people feeling safe at all times.

When we install our CCTV surveillance cameras in any location, we take many factors into consideration, including the lighting available, field of vision, motion levels, internet connectivity, storage space, bandwidth requirements and more.

The law mandating the installation of security cameras for parking lots in NJ provides an extra safety precaution that will span a larger amount of public areas throughout the city.

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Parking Lot Security Cameras NJ | Parking Lot Surveillance NJ