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Remote Video Monitoring in NJ

Are you looking for remote video monitoring in NJ? T&R Alarm Systems Inc. has partnered with local CCTV monitoring centers and security guard companies to provide customers with remote video monitoring in NJ. Whether you need security for your car dealership, trucking company or school campus, remote video monitoring is guaranteed to increase your security and productivity while decreasing the need for physical guard service. With every perimeter of your property or surroundings covered, centrally-monitored video security will catch any suspicious activity on camera no matter what time of day it is. Traditional systems use standard motion detection to trigger alarms, our system uses the latest and greatest analytics software. This allows our system to notify the remote monitoring center only upon a true breach in security. We promise to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve with our remote video monitoring installation in NJ.

Unlike security systems which only notify police after burglars have broken into your house or business and stolen your valuable possessions, remote video monitoring provides protection even before the burglars have a chance to lay a hand on your belongings. Remote video monitoring works as a live feed that is streamed to a central location. One person is capable of monitoring virtual guards for up to 20 different locations. When a criminal is witnessed in the act of trying to gain access to your property, you are provided with three different options: having the security company call the police, trigger a loud siren to warn the burglar their presence is acknowledged or having a speaker announce that the police have been notified. With remote video monitoring, law enforcement is guaranteed to catch the felon before he or she has a chance to steal from or vandalize your property.

Our remote video monitoring in NJ will allow you to save up to 60% on physical guard service. With virtual security, you no longer have to spend unnecessary money by hiring an abundance of physical guards. Remote video monitoring can cover any location and any shift you desire, including overnight shifts. Our central monitoring system even has the ability to open doors or gates to your building or property as long as they are authorized. Each application is custom designed to meet and exceed all of your need. At T&R Alarm Systems Inc., we specialize in remote video monitoring installation in NJ to keep your property safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Remote Video Monitoring NJ