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Industrial Security Systems & Green Energy Solutions

T&R offers intrusion alarms, fire alarms, CCTV, intercoms/video intercoms, door access systems, elevator recall systems and barrier gates. Our industrial security system installation in NJ will keep you safe and free from harm.

When you call T&R, our certified security technicians can help you choose from the manufacturers we work with, and we will install an intrusion alarm security system for your building.

When T&R installs your fire alarm security system, you will be safe. Our certified staff has installed hundreds of alarms in a variety of different buildings, and we know which system works for which building.

In a commercial building, a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) security system is handy because there are too many floors to otherwise monitor what goes on within the building.

An intercom alarm security system will accomplish increased security and communication. With the use of an intercom, nobody can enter unless given permission by the company they are coming to see.

Another industrial security installation service we offer is a door access control system. With door access control, the door locks automatically when shut. In terms of security, with door access control, every entry to the building is recorded so you can monitor activity.

T&R also offers an elevator recall alarm security system. This security system allows fire alarm systems to send an elevator car to any floor that has a smoke detector triggered.

Additionally, as part of our industrial security system installation in NJ, we can also include green energy systems, to power your company with cleaner, renewable energy.

Barrier gates, a form of perimeter protection, bar unwelcome visitors from entering your building grounds without identification. When we evaluate your property, we will do a thorough check of the premises, and take into consideration the:

  • Amount of wildlife on site
  • Whether you have a fence
  • Type of grounds
  • Which areas are most at risk
  • Level of security

When you contact us in search of industrial security system installation in NJ, we will solve any security problem you have. For more industrial security information, call T&R today at: 800-486-5019.

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Industrial Security Installation NJ | Industrial Security System NJ