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Fire Alarm System Installation

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Fire Alarm Installation in NJ

Fire alarm installation in NJ can be as simple as installing a battery-operated detector that gives off localized sound. Unfortunately, that does not satisfy the local and national fire codes. These days, detectors need to be either hard-wired with 110 volts or low voltage hard-wired to a centrally located control panel. At T&R Alarm Systems, our NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) certified personnel have been trusted to install alarm systems in a wide array of buildings: hospital alarm systems, nursing home alarm systems, educational facility alarm systems, government facility alarm systems, alarm systems for high-rise buildings and many more.

Most of us know what a fire alarm is, but not what it involves. A typical fire alarm consists of smoke detectors, heat detectors, linear heat cable, smoke beams, horn strobes, flow switches, sprinkler monitoring, tamper switches, temperature sensors, digital dialers and manual pull stations. Another factor to consider with fire alarm installation in north NJ is building size. The larger the building, the more fire codes you need to comply with. If you are in a high-rise building, for instance, you need to have a voice evacuation system in addition to the standard fire alarm set up. The reason is that the alarm can typically only sound on the floor on which it is installed, as well as the floor above and below. This leaves the other floors vulnerable to all kinds of fire dangers.

In the instance of a fire, windowless basements in NJ can be quite hazardous. In order to protect residents and firefighters alike, it is required that firefighters be able to access openings of a specific size criteria in the event of a fire. At TR Alarm, our trained security technicians have the expertise to install a fire security system that will stand up to any fire emergency.

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Some of the alarm system manufacturers we use in our fire alarm installations in NJ include: Evax, Harrington Signal, Secutron, Mircom, FCI, Gamewell, Fire-Lite, Silent Knight, Honeywell, Ademco, Faraday and many others. The way to learn more about what we do and what alarm installation involves, is by giving us a call today. For more information, call T&R Alarm Systems today at: 1-800-486-5019.

Fire Alarm Installation NJ