Emergency Phones NJ

Emergency Phones NJ

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Are you looking to install emergency phones in NJ? T & R Alarm systems can install emergency phones in NJ to help protect the people who live, work, study or play under your care.

Emergency phones connect citizens with 911 call centers, or with other emergency response services. Emergency phones run on stronger wi-fi or analog connections than mobile phones, which makes them reliable even during power or cellular service outages. Strategically placing these phones around your property can help people find emergency assistance even when other means of connection are unavailable.

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Emergency phones are commonly used at:

  • healthcare campuses
  • mass transit stations
  • parking lots
  • college and university campuses
  • office parks
  • K-12 schools
  • municipal offices
  • casinos
  • stadiums
  • parks
  • waterfronts
  • shopping centers
  • and more

Even when not in use, the mere presence of emergency phones on the premises provides a sense of safety and comfort.

Emergency phones are also designed with a variety of features that increase functionality including accessible designs for the disabled. Emergency phones can also operate on green energy with solar and wind-powered models.

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T&R’s emergency phone systems are designed to immediately trigger an entire incidence response system depending on your configurations. This allows emergency responders to strategically respond as soon as the phone system is activated. Emergency phones also come with speakers and lights so that emergency response services can more easily find someone in need. As the software to handle the phones improves, their functionality and your ability to manage emergency responses improves as well. Emergency phones in NJ are scalable, allowing you to build your emergency phone network as your needs evolve.

To learn more about how you can better protect your property with emergency phones in NJ call T&R Alarm at 1-800-486-5019.

T&R Alarm – Your trusted Emergency Phone Installers in NJ.

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Emergency Phones NJ