Burglar Alarm Installation in NJ

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Burglar Alarm Installation in NJ

If you are looking for a burglar alarm installation in NJ, T&R is here to help. What does a burglar alarm entail? Typical alarms consist of a control panel, door sensors, window sensors, motion detectors, glass break detectors and a noise-maker of some sort. We, at T&R Alarm services, know the in's and out's of burglar alarms and are happy to perform a burglar alarm installation in NJ for you. We are more than willing to offer free estimates and evaluations for our burglar alarm systems, so you are not only getting your specific needs met, but are also benefiting from personalized security consulting, with zero cost to you.

Our T&R Alarm systems technicians are certified in a wide variety of alarm manufacturers, including:

Depending on the application, we also recommend some other security devices and services such as:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Water sensors
  • Lighting control
  • Cellular back up monitoring
  • Two-way radio monitoring
  • IP monitoring
  • Basement breaker bars
  • UL certifications
  • Garage door controls
  • CCTV integration
  • Access control integration
  • 24 hour test reports
  • Opening and closing reports
  • Remote control via internet or telephone

The alarm devices we offer are diverse; they come in a variety of sizes and colors to better accommodate the style of your home. When you call us for burglar alarm installation in NJ, we will evaluate your home to determine the proper placement, brand and style of alarm system suited for you. Our years of experience mean we can solve any kind of safety or security problem you may have. For more burglar alarm information, call T&R today at: 1-800-486-5019.

Burglar Alarm Installation in NJ