Assisted Living Security Systems Hudson County, NJ

Assisted Living Security Systems Hudson County, NJ

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Assisted Living Security Systems in Hudson County, NJ

Assisted-living residences can vary widely, from the populations they serve to the resources they provide. But they all have a common goal: to be a safe, fulfilling and permanent home for older individuals seeking as much independence as possible. At T&R Alarm Systems, we understand that a high-quality security system can help fulfill this aim by protecting residents, their property, the staff and premises from a number of potential dangers.

As recent news reports have well documented, assisted living is not inherently safe. Many residents are physically robust and mentally acute, but others are relatively vulnerable. Medical problems with psychological effects can emerge while an individual is still residing at an assisted-living facility. And because it offers more independent living than long-term nursing care, assisted living commonly has fewer skilled staff attending to residents’ needs, problems and possible emergencies.

With so much at stake, technology-driven security is critically important. Our intercoms, anti-burglary products and door access systems all offer effective protection from unwanted visitors and theft. Many residence administrators have also found that the incontrovertible evidence offered by a T&R closed-circuit television (CCTV) serves as a powerful deterrent to those intending to violate or steal. Equally important, a CCTV system can also call the staff’s attention to a resident who has fallen or been otherwise injured.

And in the event of a fire, our alarm-triggered elevator recall system will immediately send an elevator car to any floor where a smoke detector was triggered. This system, custom designed to your needs and building specifications, also includes a linear heat detector inside the elevator shaft and several other triggering devices.

T&R Alarm Systems specialists have been trained and certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) and have performed security installations in wide a range of healthcare institutions. We are confident that we can also provide your assisted-living residence with security solutions to keep your premises, residents and their belongings, their visitors and your staff free from harm. Call us today at 1-800-486-5019 for a full security evaluation.

Assisted Living Security Systems Hudson County, NJ