Custom Alarm Systems in NJ

Custom Alarm Systems in NJ

If you are looking for custom alarm systems and security systems for your home or business in NJ, T&R Alarm Systems Inc. is your security solution. Over the last 40 years, we have become one of the largest alarm system companies in the Tri-State area, specializing in custom fire, security, surveillance systems and windowless basement fire alarms.

T&R Alarm Systems Inc. specializes in the following

Custom Security Solutions in NJ

Whether you are looking to increase security at your home or office, the professionals at T&R Alarm Systems Inc. can help you find the system that suits your individual needs. We understand that every home and business’s security needs are different. We create custom security systems and custom alarm systems to fit your property’s exact specifications. As one of the top 100 integrators in the United States, we have contact with most alarm system manufacturers and access to all of the top integrators in the country.

These connections allow us to keep our commitment to always providing our customers with top of the line security when they need it most.

Custom Security / Custom Alarm Systems in NJ

  • Home Automated Security Systems in NJ
  • Custom Monitoring Solutions in NJ
  • Security Camera Installations in NJ
  • Window/Door Sensor Installation in NJ
  • Mobile Access-Enabled Security Systems in NJ

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Custom Alarm Systems in NJ