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About T&R Alarm Systems, Inc.

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A Brief Company History and Our Dedication to Service From The Desk of Thomas Sansone Sr. - President

It was the Christmas season of 1971. Two years after I had graduated high school, I was working as a telephone man. My friend Ray worked for a local alarm company. Ray thought that we could make a few extra dollars installing alarms on the side.

Earlier, I had installed a telephone at a local tavern, so Ray and I sold the owner of the bar our first alarm system. When it came time to get paid, The owner asked, "How do I make out the check?" We looked at each other and said "T&R Alarms (Tom & Ray)!" We now had our first check for $150.00. We learned that we needed to register the name and open up a bank account to cash the check, we were complete novices.

A few years ago, one of our customers in Hoboken was burglarized on a weekend. Their store window was smashed and our alarm sounded. Our customer relayed to the local paper how frustrated they became trying to get the police there, then a glass company and a carpenter to repair the window so they could go home and not leave their business unprotected. Then they called the alarm company. To my customer's pleasant surprise, our service technician, Mike, showed up very quickly, in a tuxedo. He left his brother's wedding to repair my customer's alarm system.

Another time we were under a deadline to complete a very large security system at Rikers Island Prison in NYC. Two of our employees went the extra mile and actually slept at the prison overnight, they stayed two days without going home. Can you imagine getting locked up in a prison voluntarily?

It's this type of dedication to customer service, that sets our company way above the competition. In 40 years of service, we have never said, "That can't be done." We always find a way to get the job done and get it done right.

Top 100 in SDM's Systems Integrators 5 years in a row!

About T&R Alarm System Company NJ - Award About T&R Alarm System Company NJ - Award About T&R Alarm System Company NJ - Award About T&R Alarm System Company NJ - Award About T&R Alarm System Company NJ - Award

T&R Alarm Systems has been recognized in S.D.M. (Security Distributing and Marketing) Magazine for the past five years as being one of the top 100 integrators in the U.S. We are also network partners with P.S.A. giving us direct access to most manufacturers and access to all the top integrators in the U.S. In the past 40 years we have also built relationships with other integrators and manufacturers giving us the ability to purchase almost anything needed to complete any project. With this in mind, please feel confident that we will utilize these resources to give you a competitive quote even if it is a product we are not currently authorized to install.

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