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A Brief Company History and Our Dedication to Service From The Desk of Thomas Sansone Sr. - President

It was the Christmas season of 1971. Two years after I had graduated high school, I was working as a telephone man. My friend Ray worked for a local alarm company. Ray thought that we could make a few extra dollars installing alarms on the side.

For the past 40 years, T&R Alarm Systems, Inc. has become a formidable force in the Security Industry, particularly as a security systems company in NJ. We are one of the largest alarm companies in the tristate area, specializing in fire, security systems, surveillance systems, and windowless basement fire alarms. We can accommodate a single family home, a high-rise hotel, hospitals, schools and commercial buildings with equal expertise. We spend 24 hours a day working to meet your safety needs. We can design and install any kind of alarm system installation you desire.

At T&R Alarm Systems, Inc., we have skilled personnel and all the necessary equipment to handle even the most challenging of security system installations. As an incomparably affordable and efficient security systems company in NJ, T&R Alarm Systems, Inc. sets the bar quite high. Architects, builders, general contractors, and governmental agencies rely on us for their electrical requirements and the expertise that we always provide. Whatever your project: Hi-Rise, Institutional, Office, or Commercial Establishment, T&R Alarm Systems, Inc. will submit proposals and bids that are cost effective and competitive. We are the premiere security systems company in NJ. Call us today and let us prove it to you.

Top 100 in SDM's Systems Integrators 5 years in a row!

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T&R Alarm Systems, Inc. has enjoyed five years of recognition as being one of the top 100 integrators in the United States (as featured in Security Distributing and Marketing Magazine). We also work closely with P.S.A., allowing us direct contact with most manufacturers and access to all the top integrators in the country. Over the past four decades we have built up these relationships, allowing us to purchase nearly any kind of tool or piece of equipment necessary for successful security system completion. In addition to being a leading security systems company in NJ, we also have licensed electrical contractors and bucket trucks, excavating equipment, directional board machines, data cables, and fiber optic equipment, so you can be sure we have all the tools necessary to tackle any kind of job. Even if we are not currently authorized to install a particular product, we will utilize these resources to give you a competitive price quote.

If you are looking to contact the right security systems company in NJ, give us a call today at 1-800-486-5019.